How to be become IRCTC authorized ticket booking agent.


  • Agents can book unlimited number of IRCTC e-Tickets
  • Issue authorized tickets, without fear of ticket cancellation
  • IRCTC agents can book General, Tatkal, Waiting List, RAC
  • IRCTC agents commission is Rs.20/40 per PNR and PG charges
  • Agent name will display on IRCTC website
  • No trade license is required for railway agency
  • Your agency details will get printed in the ticket
  • IRCTC Agent get access to web portal for fast booking
  • Railway ticket fare deducted from your wallet, hence ticket is created faster
  • You can beome IRCTC agent through a very simple process.
  • Earn more than Rs 80,000 per month.

IRCTC Agent Registration Form

Business Name
PAN Number
Shop / Business Address
Referred By

Your request will be forwarded to the concern IRCTC authorised principal service provider.

Subscription Fee for IRCTC Authorized Booking Agency

Registration charges are ₹ 3,999 for 1 year Registration charges are ₹ 5,999 for 2 years

Booking Fee

PNR / Month Fee / PNR Cashback
Slab 1 1-100 10  
Slab 2 101-300 8 20%
Slab 3 300+ 5 ✔ 50%
Taxes as applicable

Commission for Railway Ticket Booking

Non AC Class ( SL, 2S ) Rs 20 per PNR
AC Class ( 1A, 2A, 3A, CC ) Rs 40 per PNR
Additional PG Commission Upto 1% Of Ticket Fare

Documents required to become IRCTC agent

  1. PAN Card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Mobile Number : This number will be used for verification ( Should not have been registered with IRCTC)
  4. Valid Email ID : This ID will be used for verification ( Should not have been registered with IRCTC)
  5. Photo

Activation Process

  1. Our team receives Application form, Registration form + Subscription fees.
  2. Online KYC and video verification
  3. Account created with 24 hours of KYC.
  4. You are ready for business.

How to become IRCTC agent. IRCTC agent online registration process

How to book ticket on IRCTC ( For Travel Agent )

Complementary Services with the account

  • Rail Reservation Agent Booking Portal
  • Flight Booking –Domestic/International
  • Bus Booking (More than 10000 routes with all Major operators)
  • Mobile/DTH recharge
  • Money transfer in any bank with in India
  • Tour/Holidays Packages-Domestic/International
  • Hotel Booking
  • Customized Tour Packages-Rail Tours
  • Free all upcoming Services

Why enroll with eRail.in

Additional benefits of enrolling with eRail.in
  • Quick Support.
  • You get free customer management software.
  • Listing of your business on eRail.in
  • Extra lead generation for travel related queries.
  • Your business reaches bigger market and customer.
  • You get latest IT support to grow your business.
  • eRail.in has been in business for more than 15 years.
  • No additional cost of enrollment

How to check IRCTC authorised travel agent

You can check for IRCTC authorised travel agents from the following URL https://www.irctc.co.in/eticketing/findAgents.jsf. You can check using your city or pin code.

How can I find B2B, B2C and Internet cafe principal service providers

Following is the list of IRCTC Authorized Service Providers

What are rules and regulations for the agents

Following is the document Rules & Regulations

Does IRCTC directly makes booking agents

No, IRCTC aurthorised booking agents can only be made via any of the list principal agents.

Where is IRCTC registered office

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.
B-148, 11th Floor, Statesman House,
Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110001

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.
State Entry Rd, Railway Colony,
Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110055

IRCTC Customer Care Numbers / Email

0755-3934141, 0755-6610661 (Language: Hindi and English)
I-tickets/e-tickets : care@irctc.co.in
For Cancellation E-tickets : etickets@irctc.co.in

Register Now

If you have any concern please email to support@tripmgt.com.


  1. What is IRCTC Agent login?

    Selling tickets with personal ID is illegal as per IRCTC business rules. Agent login is commercial login designed by the IRCTC to provide special login for ticket bookings. People who are associated with travel business or running train booking shop can take IRCTC licence for eticketing. There are two types of IRCTC agent login

    • B2B - Booking is done on the portal of Principal Service Provider.
    • ICS - Booking is done on the IRCTC portal
  2. How to become an authorized IRCTC Agent online?

    Anyone can become IRCTC agent in three simple steps

    1. Fill online form
    2. Submit documents
    3. Pay registration fee and get the licence.
  3. What are the benefits of IRCTC agent?
    • Agents can book unlimited number of IRCTC e-Tickets
    • Agents can book IRCTC tour packages.
    • Agents can book Flights and Hotels from IRCTC
    • Issue authorized tickets, without fear of ticket cancellation
    • IRCTC agents can book General, Tatkal, Waiting List, RAC
    • IRCTC agents commission is Rs.20/40 per PNR and upto 1% PG charges
    • Agent name will display on IRCTC website
    • No trade license is required for railway agency
    • Your agency details will get printed in the ticket
    • IRCTC Agent get access to web portal for fast booking of tickets
    • Railway ticket fare deducted from your wallet, hence ticket is created faster
  4. How much IRCTC agents can earn?

    IRCTC agents can earn more than Rs 85,000 per month or more depending upon the number of railway tickets and other travel booking he does in a month.

  5. Tatkal timing for IRCTC agent?
    • Start at 10:15am for AC class
    • Start at 11:15am for Sleeper class
  6. Booking hours for agents?

    12.20 am to 11.45 pm.

  7. Maximum number of Bookings per month allowed?

    IRCTC agent can book Unlimited number of tickets e-Tickets.

  8. Can I use the login on any machine?

    Yes, agents can book IRCTC tickets on any mobile / laptop or desktop using OTP based login.

  9. What is the duration of agent account?

    IRCTC agent account is renewed every year.

  10. What is the duration of the digital certificate?

    Digital certificate validity is 2 years.

  11. In how many days I can become IRCTC agent?

    Generally it takes less than 3 working days plus the time it takes the dongle to reach your location. OTP base login account are activated the same day.

  12. Can I book tickets from my mobile phone?

    Yes, using OTP base login, you can book IRCTC tickets from you mobile phone.

  13. Will I get training to book the ticket?

    Yes, Support team will provide online training through the remote desk.

  14. What other services I can get with IRCTC registration?

    Along with IRCTC agency agents can book Flight ticket and Bus ticket, Mobile & DTH recharges, Money Transfer, Dubai visa, IRCTC international tour packages, IRCTC hotels, Insurance etc.

  15. Do I need GST registration to become IRCTC agent?

    No, it is not mandatory to have GST registration for IRCTC agent.

  16. My PAN is already registered with IRCTC, how can I release it?

    You can release the PAN from the IRCTC website.
    My Account > My Profile > Release PAN/AADHAAR.

  17. Can I use a mobile number already registered with IRCTC?

    No, fresh mobile number is required which is not registered with IRCTC in personal use.

  18. Can I use an email id already registered with IRCTC?

    No, fresh email id is required which is not registered with IRCTC in personal use.

  19. What address proof I can provide?

    Any Govt. document can be accepted like elect. Bill, water bill, Aadhaar card, voter id card, psu bank passbook, DL, Rental agreement, Landline phone bill etc.

  20. Should my business be registered?

    There is not a requirement of business registration, you can run the business on your name with some trade name. However it helps if you register your business with local government body.

  21. Who is a PSP ( Principal Service Provider)

    Since IRCTC does not appoints agents directly it has authorised certain agencies known as PSP. PSP does the formalities required to appoint an IRCTC agent. All the agents thus created by a PSP recharge their wallet through the PSP. The PSP will charge certain processing fee from the agent. To check IRCTC PSP list click here

  22. Can I directly become agent through IRCTC website?

    No, Only PSP can provide IRCTC agency.

  23. Is Bank A/c required?

    No, Payment can be made through RDS wallet provided by your PSP.

  24. What is RDS Wallet?

    IRCTC providing Rolling Deposit Scheme (RDS) facility to their agents for quick ticket booking, To avail RDS facility agents can deposit the desired amount in PSPs bank account, Agent can purchase the ticket against the money he/she deposits in RDS wallet. RDS reduce the dependency on bank for OTP and PINm it is very fast and secure process. RDS wallet could be used through transaction password only, PSP will provide you transaction password.

  25. What is the benefit of using RDS wallet?

    Payments done for booking using RDS wallet are faster. Payment Gateway charges are only printed on the ticket if payment has been made using RDS wallet. If paid through any other mode PG charges will NOT get printed on the ticket, which can not charge from the customer. Is is advised for the agents benefit that they use RDS wallet. PSP convenience charges will be applicable in both the cases.

  26. How do I recharge my IRCTC Agent Wallet?

    Wallet can be recharged through UPI/IMPS (recommended), NEFT, Challan and Direct Cash deposit in PSPs bank account.

  27. How is the payment for ticket booking done?

    Agents can pay through RDS wallet, Internet banking, debit card, credit card, mobile wallets etc. for rail tickets.

  28. How do I can cancel the ticket?

    Cancellation can be done from the booking history page agents need to choose the passengers before clicking on cancel button.

  29. How should I file TDR?

    There are two ways to file TDR

    • Email PNR number to agenttdr@irctc.co.in.
    • Report your PSP for TDR.
  30. What is the difference between personal login booking and agent login booking?

    Personal login can be used for personal or family rail tickets only selling rail tickets on personal id is an offence under the Railway Act section 143. User can book only 6 tickets(12 after verifying pan & aadhaar ) in a month.. Agent login is a special login designed for commercial use, agents can book unlimited tickets and can take Rs.20, Rs.40 for sleeper, AC class respectively along with upto 1% payment gateway charges.

  31. Where can I check the list of principal services provider?

    Click here for IRCTC PSP

  32. What things I should check before selecting a PSP?

    Choose PSP who is providing best support service. Timely & fast wallet credit. Wallet credit should be free of cost. Should have chat, phone and email support. Timely ticket refunds. Accurate & transparent reporting of transactions. One of the good service provider is Trip Mgt

  33. Can I run my business from home?

    Of course, Agents need to share any valid address proof of their working place an Aadhar card is enough if working from home.

  34. What will happen after filling the registration form?

    PSP personals will call you for next process or you can directly call them on 9650258747 or write to support@tripmgt.com below are the further process need to be done after registration.

    1. Share documents.
    2. Pay registration fee of Rs. 3,999
    3. After eKYC and other formalities get IRCTC agency in one week.
  35. Is the registration fee refundable?

    No, registration fee is non-refundable it would be forfeited if agent withdraws their registration

  36. What is Digital Certificate(DSC)/Dongle for IRCTC agent?

    DSC or Dongle is very similar to a USB pen drive, it’s not internet dongle. without DSC agents can not login to IRCTC. Login page will only open if IRCTC website detects the DSC of the agent, PSP will provide you Digital Certificate(DSC).

  37. How much time it takes to get the dongle?

    The whole process will take 5-7 working days after making the payment, PSP will provide you DSC/dongle through the courier to your office/shop/home address. Once you received the DSC you will get user id & password immediately after uploading money in RDS wallet.

  38. Can I receive the dongle a different address, if I’m not available at the registered address?

    Yes, Dongle can be received anywhere within india.

  39. What is eKYC & video processing for IRCTC agent?

    eKYC and video processing is the part of DSC it is required to create the DSC. Agents need to share an OTP and make a video before getting the dongle/DSC. DSC is required for agent to login in the IRCTC website.

  40. How I can cancel my registration?

    Registration can be cancelled anytime before making the payment.

  41. When a TDR can be filed?

    Please click here for TDR rules

  42. What equipments are required for IRCTC agent ?
    1. Computer/Laptop
    2. Printer
    3. Internet
  43. What amounts deducted on cancellation of ticket?

    Please click here for ticket cancellation charges.

  44. Can Concessional tickets be booked from agent login?

    Yes, Passenger will get all benefits provided by IRCTC to agents.

  45. How to Locate the tickets?

    Go to MY ACCOUNT - My Transactions - Booked Ticket History

  46. Do agents have separate quota for seat booking?

    No, IRCTC does not give separate quota to any agent.

  47. Do agents get preference in booking of seats?

    IRCTC agent do not get any preference, the booking process is common for all.

  48. Can I book tatkal tickets or premium tatkal tickets?

    Agents are allowed to book only tatkal tickets.

  49. Is senior citizen and other discounts provided on agent booked tickets?

    Yes, Passengers will get all benefits on tickets booked by IRCTC agents.

  50. In how many days advance I can book the tickets?

    120 days before the journey tickets can be booked

  51. How much refund I can get on confirmed tatkal ticket?

    No Refund on confirmed tatkal tickets

  52. What are the pros and cons of being an IRCTC ticket agent?


    • Agents can book an unlimited number of IRCTC e-Tickets.
    • IRCTC agents commission is Rs.20/40 per PNR and upto 1% PG charges.
    • Agent name will display on IRCTC website.
    • Your agency details will get printed on the ticket.
    • Railway ticket fare deducted from your wallet, hence ticket is created faster.
    • Agents can book IRCTC tour packages.


    • Agents are not allowed to book tatkal tickets before 10:15 am and 11:15 am for AC and sleeper class respectively while normal users can book tatkal tickets at 10:00 am and 11:00 am
    • agents are totally depends on their PSPs they can not directly approach to IRCTC.
  53. Which type of computer is enough for an IRCTC ticket agent?

    For only travel business any low configuration computer is enough but with high speed internet, any laptop or computer with the latest window and hardware can be used for ticketing (i3 processor and 4 gb RAM recommended).

  54. Which operating system can be used for IRCTC booking.

    Only window operating system is required for IRCTC bookings, Apple operating system is not suitable for IRCTC, however window installed apple computer or laptop can be used for IRCTC ticket bookings. OTP based login can be used on any type of operating system. OTP based booking can used on mobile also.

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