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Railway Museum Howrah
2018-04-12 12:31Railway Museum Howrah
Railway Museum Howrah

Howrah Rail Museum

The museum which preserved the heritage of the development of railway system of Eastern India has further been beautified with the inclusion of various items having broad historicity. Now to attract more visitors, the first AC electric locomotive which dates back to November, 1960 will be on display. Railway minister Suresh Prabhu will inaugurate the display through remote control from Howrah station.

Steam Road Roller (The Garret Roller) :↴

ER's 2-4-2 Steam Locomotive :↴

YG locomotive :↴

Model of Double Decker Passenger coach used by EIR in the early 1900's :↴

WCM5 Locomotive :↴

Passenger Carriage used by EIR in 1940's :↴