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2018-04-12 12:31RPF

RPF Duties in Railway

Role Of RPF & Duties:-

The Committee recommended that since policing on the railways is the constitutional responsibility of the State Governments, certain matters relating to the security of railway passengers could be segregated from the policing functions and be given to the Railway Protection Force.

  • Escorting of passenger trains in vulnerable areas.
  • Providing access control, regulation and general security on the platforms, in passenger areas and circulating areas.
  • To protect and safeguard railway property, passenger area and Passenger.
  • To remove any obstruction in the movement of railway property or passenger area.
  • To do any other act conducive to the better protection and security of railway property, passenger area and passenger.
  • Railway Protection Force will be legally enabled to provide protection and safeguard to the passenger and his luggage, which will ensure better Passenger Facilitation.
  • Access control to stations can be regulated in a more effective way and general security on the platforms in passenger area and circulation area will get reinforced
  • Empowerment under The Railways Act will ensure more smooth train operations since many sections of The Railways Act aim at hassle-free train operations.
  • Entrusting of new responsibilities to RPF would mean optimum utilization of human resources.
  • Railway Protection Force will be able to take steps for prevention of any cognizable offence against the passengers and will also be legally empowered to apprehend any person who is involved in such offences.

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