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Train Superintendents
2018-04-12 12:31Train Superintendents
Train Superintendents

Responsibilities of Train Superintendents

Duty List of Train Superintendents :

  • The Train Superintendents will report for duty one hour before the departure of the train. He must be in proper uniform with prescribed badges, scrolls and his name plate.
  • He will be the overall incharge of the Conductors, TTEs, Coach Attendants, amenities staff like safaiwallas, Electric C&W, Airconditioning staff, Catering Manager and Catering Staff on duty by the same train and will be responsible for exercising effective supervision on the quality of their work.
  • All the staff on duty in the train excepting the Guard would report to him well before the scheduled departure of the train at the train originating station. The staff enroute would also report to him at the point from where they are to board the train as per their scheduled link programme.
  • The Train Supdt. Will record in a register the names and designation of the staff who report to him for duty on the train and mention the particulars of the absentees in his trip report at the end of the journey.
  • After ascertaining the details of the staff who have turned up for duty he will allocate the work of manning of coaches to the Conductor, TTE, Coach Attendants, Safaiwallas, etc. to ensure that the coaches are properly manned.
  • The Train Supdt. Should ensure that the staff are in proper uniforms with name badges and perform their duties properly.
  • The position regarding the details of the berths remaining vacant after allotment to RAC passengers and the RAC passengers left over in each coach will be reported to him by the Conductor and each TTE. He will have the vacant berths allotted to the RAC passengers still awaiting allotment of berths.
  • He will be responsible for giving the vacancy position of the berths/seats to the Commercial Controllers/S.M. of Road side stations if the berths are available in train after adjustmenting all the RAC passengers.
  • He will also exercise necessary checks on the reservations given to passengers and Excess Fare Ticket books of the TTEs and Conductors to ensure correct realization of dues.
  • Whenever the staff belonging to his railway do not cooperate with him, or do not attend their duties properly and promptly, he should send a report against such staff to Sr.DCM of the Division concerned and also to Chief Passenger Services Manager (CPSM) indicating the name and specific act of failure, impertinence, indifference or disobedience for which the person is held responsible.
  • In case of staff belonging to the other railway, if they do not report for duty or fail to perform their duty, he should immediately send a message reporting this matter to DRM concerned from the next halt station.
  • In his role as the Captain of the train, he will coordinate the work of all the team members and will always be vigilant in ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • At the train starting station, the Train Supdt. Will make a quick inspection of the train to ensure that the passenger amenity fittings are in proper working order. The defects and deficiencies should be reported to SM-in-charge and got rectified by the staff concerned and if necessary send advance information to the station ahead and get the defects attended to by the electrical and C&W staff at that station. He would also ensure that the coaches, bathrooms and toilets are intermittently swept and cleaned by the staff concerned.
  • The Train Supdt. Will ensure that proper precooling is done in AC coaches before start of the train.
  • The Train Supdt. Will ensure that the Coach Attendants of AC 2- tier coaches are carrying the bed rolls on trains to all the passengers ensure that the bed rolls are supplied as early as possible avoiding disturbance to passengers during the night.
  • The Train Supdt, will also maintain a complaint book in his custody and make the same available to passengers on demand for recording complaints, if any. He should ensure that prompt action is taken to remove the cause of the complaint and render satisfactory service to the passengers.
  • The Train Supdt. Will exercise checks on the catering service on the trin in respect of quality and quantity of food, cleanliness of uniform and utensils, behavior of the Manager and bearers, production of vouchers by the bearers, timely service of meals, proper vending of tea, coffee, snacks and cold drinks.
  • Pantry Car Manager are to maintain complaint books separately. The Train Supdt, will ensure that the complaint books are readily available with him. He will check the nature of complaints and their proper dispatch to Chief Catering Services Manager for further action. He will also take steps to rectify the deficiencies leading to complaints.
  • He should try to effectively prevent un authorized hawking and begging on his train, utilizing the TTE and other train staff for the purpose.
  • He should ensure that the sleeper coach TTEs, and Coach Attendants follow the standing instructions regarding the securing and latching of the doors on run and at stations and also closing and bolting the vestibuled doors at nigh time are scrupulously observed by his staff.
  • In case of any incident of theft during the run of the train, he would guide the fpassenger to the GRP escort party, if travelling by the train. Otherwise, he will make a blank FIR for, available to the passenger for lodging the complaint. Such forms duly filled in should be handed over to the first GRP Post available at the scheduled stoppage of the train for further action.
  • At the end of each trip the Train Supdt, should make out a brief report indicating special occurrence, if any, and commenting upon all aspects of passenger amenities namely Catering, supply of drinking water, filling up of water tanks, cleanliness of coaches, entry of unauthorized passengers in reserved coaches, working of lights, fans and other fittings, incidents of thefts of luggage, nonfunctioning of air-conditioning and other public complaints. Etc. The report should be submitted to the Lobby Office/SM (Comml.) at the destination station who should take necessary action for getting the deficiency rectified. A copy of the same should also be sent to SM(Commercial), Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (Sr. DCM/Divisional Commercial Manager (DCM) for initiating immediate necessary action.
  • Any other duty assigned to him from time to time.